Who does what?

Confused about who does what in Yorkshire/Manchester tourism?

Tourism marketing works best through a “funnel” effect.

The organisations at the top of this list promote the destination in order to increase the market size. Then everyone needs to do their bit to get the visitors through the funnel, so they reach individual tourism businesses in this area.

Visit Britain promotes Britain in overseas markets.

Visit England promotes England in Britain. They don’t have members & mainly work directly with destinations, supported by some paid partnerships with large tourism businesses.

Welcome to Yorkshire promotes Yorkshire within Yorkshire, nationally & internationally. WTY is the official agency for Yorkshire with the aim of making Yorkshire the most popular destination in the UK for business and leisure. Tourism businesses are encouraged to become paid-members, entitling them to a range of benefits such as entry on, members-only events, and discounts.

Visit Manchester undertakes a similar role in their area. In addition, there are a range of other associations and networks which represent particular areas or sectors of the tourism industry, often active in a specific geographic location.

The South Pennines Tourism Network is an informal network of businesses and covers the whole of the South Pennines LEADER area. Our focus is on local distinctiveness, finding ways that businesses can benefit from increased spend, product development and targeted business support. We’re not going to do anything that other organisations already do better.  Our aim is to help businesses encourage visitors to spend more and stay longer, give them the best time ever and make sure they come back again – preferably bringing their friends and family with them. Be part of the South Pennines Tourism Network – it’s FREE!