Love the South Pennines – what’s that all about?

The South Pennines is a special landscape. It is valued by its inhabitants and its visitors. The people who live, work and visit here enjoy walking, riding or cycling across the moors; discovering the canals; learning about our industrial past or participating in the festivals and community events that take place in our South Pennine towns and villages.

However, our much-loved, much-used network of paths and bridleways creates an ongoing need for repair and maintenance. The moorland is fragile.  Many of our heritage assets and community projects rely heavily on the passion and commitment of volunteers. By working in partnership with businesses through the Love the South Pennines visitor giving scheme, we can help give our landscape the care and attention it needs and deserves.

The Love the South Pennines visitor giving initiative has been set up by rural regeneration company Pennine Prospects to enable local businesses to raise money to care for the landscape of the South Pennines.   You can learn more about Pennine Prospects and its work at

What is Visitor Giving?

Visitor Giving is defined as a voluntary payment made by visitors towards the conservation and management of places they visit and value. Visitor giving schemes like the Love the South Pennines scheme are a simple way of inviting voluntary donations from visitors who want to contribute financially to the protection and improvement of the environment of the South Pennines as part of their visit.

There are currently 23 active visitor giving schemes in the UK. Nurture Lakeland’s scheme in Cumbria is the largest and raises an annual income of approximately £150,000 for projects in the Lake District National Park. There are similar schemes in the Cotswolds, the Broads, the Isle of Arran and the Peak District National Park.


Where will the money go?

Pennine Prospects aims to promote the conservation of the South Pennines and the wellbeing of the people who live in, work in or visit this unique area. Pennine Prospects will do this by using contributions to the Love the South Pennines scheme to support a range of projects across the South Pennines, delivered by committed organisations (ie charities, constituted groups or community groups) who are working hard to protect and enhance our landscape, in turn delivering benefits for the communities and businesses which depend on it.

Love the South Pennines, with input from businesses participating in the scheme, will select projects to support that:

  • benefit the natural environment, the South Pennines landscape and its tourism economy
  • have tangible outputs
  • are additional (ie could not happen without support from the Love the South Pennines fund.)

We have recently completed the pilot phase of the Love the South Pennines scheme, which will be developed by Pennine Prospects during 2015.  To see which businesses participated in the scheme, read our post about South Pennines Champions.