An Important Landscape

The South Pennines landscape is one of stark contrasts: vast tracts of open moorland intersected by steep, wooded valleys; the areas in between softened by a subtle patchwork of hamlets and fields. The landscape today is a combined result of geology and human endeavour – enabling the visitor to trace the history of the South Pennines from the ice age to the industrial revolution.  The award-winning Watershed Landscape project has a wealth of information and resources about this important habitat, its wildlife and the many creative people who have been inspired by the South Pennines.

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get on yer bike in the South Pennines. (Photo: Joolz Diamond)

The Grandest of Grand Départs!

Stage 2 of the Grand Départ of the 2014 Tour de France came to the South Pennines on Sunday 6 July. Millions of people stood in the glorious sunshine to watch the […]


Walk, Cycle, Ride

Did you know the South Pennines is home to the kilometre square with the densest network of public paths in England? We also have the most access land of anywhere in […]


A special natural habitat

Natural England describes the South Pennines as: “a landscape of large-scale sweeping moorlands, pastures enclosed by drystone walls, and gritstone settlements contained within narrow valleys.” Although the South Pennines is […]


The Twite

The Twite, or Pennine Finch as it’s sometimes called, is the South Pennines’ special bird.  It is unusual because it has a diet consisting entirely of seeds, even when feeding […]